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CRL Stainless Steel 1/4C.R. LAURENCE CRL Stainless Steel 1/4" J-Channel (10 Pack)

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CRL Stainless Steel 1/4" J-Channel (10 Pack)

SKU:  2188856

Mfg Part:  SS960

Weight:  20 lbs

Color:  stainless steel


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CRL Stainless Steel 1/4" J-Channel (10 Pack) CRL Stainless Steel 1/4" J-Channel (10 Pack)

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This CRL Stainless Steel Channel is used in glass and mirror installations where a bright finish is required, and the use of Stainless Steel is necessary. When you need to make a miter cut in stainless steel channel, you can use the MT702 Miter Tool. Each piece is individually polywrapped.
  • For 1/4" (6 mm) Glass or Mirror
  • 12" (3.66 m) Stock Lengths
  • Catalog Number: SS960
    Also Available in These Catalogs:
    CRL53R Glass & Glazing Catalog, PAGE 108G
    CRL23 Shower Door and Mirror Hardware Catalog, PAGE J394
    Color: Stainless Steel
    Length: 12" (3.66 m)
    Thickness: .016" (27 Gauge)
    Ship Via: No UPS - Common Carrier Only
    Shipping Weight: 2 lb (907g)
    Official Name: C.R. LAURENCE CO., INC.
    Description: C.R. Laurence (CRL) is a leading supplier to the glazing, architectural, construction, industrial, and automotive industries, supplying railing, windscreen, standoffs, and other supplies to major industries and manufacturers. C.R. Laurence operates a 270,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility in Southern California, and distributes over 50,000 different products throughout the United States, Canada, and all other countries through a network of distribution facilities which are ISO9001 certified.
    Support URL:
    Support Phone: 800-421-6144
    Manufacturer's Website:
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