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CRL Essex™ U208HV Betaseal™ Express Advanced Cure Urethane Adhesive (10 Pack)C.R. LAURENCE CRL Essex™ U208HV Betaseal™ Express Advanced Cure Urethane Adhesive (10 Pack)

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CRL Essex™ U208HV Betaseal™ Express Advanced Cure Urethane Adhesive (10 Pack)

SKU:  2198503

Mfg Part:  U208HV

Weight:  10 lbs


In Stock

CRL Essex™ U208HV Betaseal™ Express Advanced Cure Urethane Adhesive (10 Pack)

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CRL EssexT U208HV BetasealT Express Advanced Cure Urethane Adhesive delivers fast drive away times at low cost. This advanced cure polyurethane adhesive provides safe drive away in one hour at temperatures as low as 0ø F (-17.8øC) and warmer. EssexT BetasealT Express meets all OEM requirements, including long term durability. Prepare the windshield with U5500 Betaprime Glass Primer. Use U5404 Betaprime Pinchweld Primer on the pinchweld if the metal was scratched during glass removal.
  • Safe Drive Away in One Hour and Passes FMVSS 212 Crash Test at Temperatures as Low as 0ø (17.8øC)
  • Meets All OEM Requirements, Including Long Term Durability
  • Excellent for Cold Weather Installations
  • Catalog Number: U208HV
    Also Available in These Catalogs:
    CRL43 43AGR Master Automotive Catalog, PAGE A121
    Contents: 10.5 Fl. Oz. (310 ml)
    Ship Via: Can Ship UPS
    Shipping Weight: 1 lb (454g)
    Official Name: C.R. LAURENCE CO., INC.
    Description: C.R. Laurence (CRL) is a leading supplier to the glazing, architectural, construction, industrial, and automotive industries, supplying railing, windscreen, standoffs, and other supplies to major industries and manufacturers. C.R. Laurence operates a 270,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility in Southern California, and distributes over 50,000 different products throughout the United States, Canada, and all other countries through a network of distribution facilities which are ISO9001 certified.
    Support URL:
    Support Phone: 800-421-6144
    Manufacturer's Website:
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